Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Gabriela (you might have figured this one out already), but you can call me Gabby.
I am 27. November baby.
I am from Mexico...like FROM Mexico.
Married my best friend in March 2013 (civil) and October 2013 (church ceremony), who happens to be a native Minnesotan!
After marriage, I moved from Texas to Minnesota. I am still a Texas girl and fan at heart!
My parents are the best in the world. I am so thankful for them.
My sister, Diana is my best girl friend. She is married, too - to a Minnesotan!
I have two younger brothers who are taller than me.
My family calls me "Ale". My middle name is Alejandra.
At the beginning of 2016, we found out we are expecting a little boy! Due October 2016.

I am a pediatric registered nurse. Children + nursing = my passion.
I also teach faith formation (like Sunday school) at my church.
I love reading, cooking, and baking (I am not very good at the last two!).
I love the smell of old books and morning coffee.
I am seriously obsessed with Reese's.
I eat the fries first. My husband and I discovered we both did this the weekend we met!
You must know that I do not eat fish. Or anything that comes from the sea. Only canned tuna.
I love to travel. I've been blessed to travel around Europe and Canada (USA and Mexico, too, of course). I really want to visit Ireland!
My husband and I enjoy road trips to tiny towns and hiking.
I really dislike discrimination against race, nationality, gender, religion, ability to do a task and/or sexual orientation. I've seen and experienced this ignorance while living on the border.

I am crazy in love with my Savior and I am unashamed to let everyone know. I met Him a long time ago, but we began a real relationship on one hot September 2010 night. I continue to know more about Him every day. If you would like, you can read about it here.
I believe that I was called to save myself for my husband. You know what I mean. It doesn't make me better than anyone else. I am far from "pure". But you know? This is how the grace-filled Gospel worked in me and  this is my act of worship.
I was born and raised Catholic. Let me be real with you, I struggle with my faith a lot, but I am slowly falling more and more in love.

Also, here is why I started this blog. If you would like to read that, too.

I am not very fond of small talk. I love getting to know people. So, please stay awhile and let's be friends!

Under Grace,


  1. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me at my space! That's cool your from Texas, my new brother-in-law is from Houston. I'm a newlywed-ish and Catholic too, would love to chat and become bloggy friends with you!

    1. Yes! I recently moved to MN, though. Trying not to miss Texas and my hometown in Mexico. ;-) Houston is huge! I've only been there like 3 times. Would love to be friends, too!

  2. I really like how real you are in talking about yourself. I'll definitely be reading from now on!

  3. You've got a new fan! Your writing is SO down to earth and relatable. Consider me a new hooked reader :)

    1. Thank you, Libby! I love your blog, too! :-D looking forward to getting to know you more through our blogs.


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