Wednesday, September 28, 2016

38 weeks! Boy, that flew by.

Hello everyone,

Is anyone still out there? I hope you are! I wanted to give you a little update on my pregnancy.

Today we've officially reached 38 weeks! I can't believe it. It really did flew by. The third trimester was not slow at all...maybe I should feel lucky? Or maybe it was because I procrastinated doing all sorts of baby stuff until the very end, so I've been super busy with that.

I've been feeling great! No swelling at all. No stretch marks. Blood pressure is great. No gestational diabetes (that test was awful - I lost it. AKA vomited). I am, however, measuring a little small for gestational age. I also did have a little "scare" at 36 weeks. I thought he was coming, but he didn't. I thank God He decided to keep him there a few more weeks. I am also feeling so tired. I can't sleep through the night. Maybe the third trimester insomnia prepares you for newborn insomnia? When asked how I was doing, I told my manager that sleeping was the one thing I missed and she said, "Well, you won't sleep for the next 18-21 years!". I guess she has a point.

36 weeks!
In approximately two weeks (TWO!) we will be welcoming our little boy and, boy, our lives will be forever changed.

I can't imagine what God has planned for us. I can't imagine the joy that's coming. Ah! My heart bursts at the thought of it.

Would you please, please pray for us? I am a little scared of the labor and delivery part! Please pray for a smooth labor and delivery and no major complications with baby and I. Please pray for peace - I am inviting the Holy Spirit to help a girl out. But, really. I need God to flood that labor and delivery room with His peace. Pray for my husband, too. He doesn't seem nervous, but I know he is. Pray for my doctors and nurses - that they may be God's hands and feet and may be filled with His wisdom to make the right decisions.

Well, I'll leave it here. I'll tell you his name on another post! Thank you. See you soon!

In Christ,


  1. You look beautiful, dear! So happy to see things have been going well. You have so much joy ahead of you!
    About the sleeping bit, I was told that I wouldn't get any sleep once the baby arrived all throughout my pregnancy, but I sleep better now WITH a baby than I ever did when I was pregnant! Maybe my baby is just unusually good? But either way, you'll get so much joy from that baby it won't matter how much stress they put you through. ;-)
    Praying all goes well! Can't wait to see your little on. <3

    1. Thank you! That's what I am thinking, too (that I'll sleep better once the baby is here). Here is to hoping! ;-)

  2. Gaby, you look fantastic! I am sure your little one will smile a lot hehehe I was happy and smiley during my pregnancy and my little man is smiling all the time and at everyone :) God bless you, love! Liuba x

    1. Thank you! Haha! Everyone says this baby will have my huge smile/mouth. ;-)

  3. Gabby, so nice to see a post from you! I will keep you and your little one in my prayers. Not too much longer and you will be welcoming a beautiful baby boy! My husband and I just had our first baby (also a little boy) one month ago! Hugs and prayers!

    1. Congratulations! :-) How fun! It's so nice to hear from you, as well. Thank you for your prayers!


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