Wednesday, April 13, 2016

He remembered me.

Hey everybody! Well, it’s sad to say that I quickly abandoned my New Year’s resolution of blogging more often. February passed, March flew by and now here we are.

A lot has happened.

If you have time, I would like to tell you.

During the last half of 2015, I had a lot of health problems (pertaining to females). However, my healthcare providers dismissed them as “normal” at that time. I also could not become pregnant/sustain a pregnancy. My husband and I went through some dark days and trusting God through all of this was difficult. I felt He was very far away.

Fast forward to December, I went to visit my parents in Mexico and during that time, I had another issue come up. I decided that it would be best to see my doctor in Mexico and have his opinion. Well, my doctor found a large tumor/cyst inside or outside one of my ovaries. The ultrasound only showed a large mass – of whatever it was. I needed further testing and he recommended to go back to my Minnesota doctors to do it, as I would probably need surgery.

After calling my MN doctor in January, we decided to do another ultrasound and go from there. Well, we did and the tumor/cyst was still there. “Possible endometriosis, you will have a very hard time getting pregnant”, she said. I presented with most of the symptoms, but the doctors can’t diagnose this with certainty until I have surgery.

Then it happened.

A few days after the appointment, God revealed to us in two tiny lines of His work in me. He remembered me.

Greg and I are expecting our little one’s arrival this October! We are excited…and terrified. But mostly excited and full of joy!

I wanted to share with you the entire story because - God. One of my friends (knew my situation) asked me, “And what did you tell the doctor? That anything is possible through God?” Amen!

I am not worthy, but God had a more perfect plan. I’ve learned through all of this that even if I never got to have a baby of my own, He was enough for me. He is enough. It’s taken me a long time to say that. Just like we had said yes to Him being the Author of life, we had to learn to say yes whatever His plan might entail. And He didn't have to explain the why of that plan. 

Please keep us in your prayers. Please pray for our health. I still have to have surgery (postponed until baby arrives unless I have a major complication). Please pray that the tumor/cyst doesn’t grow and harm the baby. And please pray for my husband – he has sustained me all these months and reminded me that, if not, God was still good. He’s also been cooking more for us as I can’t stand the smell. ;-) I am hoping this small issue resolves now that we’ve crossed into the second trimester.

To God be the glory. Jesus, I trust in You.  
The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. – Psalms 126:3