Monday, June 15, 2015

Award and some questions for you.

Hello there!

A few days ago, Cryslyn at nominated me for the "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award". Thank you so much, Cryslyn. I truly enjoy answering blogging award questions. ;-) I feel you get to know details about bloggers in this way.

Well, here we go.

1). If given the opportunity, would you travel outside of your country to minister to others?  If so, what country would you choose?

* I would LOVE to travel outside of the country with some sort of ministry! I tell my husband that when I "retire" I will go with him as a missionary nurse to Haiti. I will then teach nursing students there about nursing and about my Savior. ;-)

2). Do you ever desire to dye your hair or are you pleased with the natural color you've been blessed with?

* I've always loved redheads and wish I were one myself. However, it doesn't really go with my skin tone...haha. So, no, never have, never will! (Never say "never", I know). 

3). What was the last thing you ate today?

* Painted a picture frame! Our wedding photographer gave us a very large picture frame with a wedding picture of our choosing. I accidentally bumped the frame into the wall and there is now a really big scratch on it. Woops. 

Another big woops. I read the question as "did" instead of "ate". Haha! Edited to add: The last thing I ate was a brownie! I recently discovered these brownies that our food store sells, and they are delicious. 

4). You've won a vacation to an exotic island for a month and can only take one person with you; who would you choose?

* This one is easy. Greg. Hands down.

5). If you could meet any one of your long-distant blogging friends, who would it be?

* Bethany, Clare, Patty, Grace, Libby, Cryslyn, Liuba, Colleen, McKenzie, Evie. Ah, I would love to meet a ton of more bloggers (and followers). But, these are my fave. I already met Ana, who has now become one of my most cherished friends, along with her sisters Amy and Alyssa.

6). Roses or lilacs?

* I like both. However, lilacs are currently blooming in my garden, and I am super excited. 

7). Your favorite flavor of ice cream?

* I've always been faithful to Cookies and Cream.

8). Spring or Autumn?

* Autumn! [Almost] Every blogger loves autumn. ;-) I am enjoying our super short spring and almost summer. However, I can't wait for autumn and all things autumn related. 

9). Do you have a reading goal this year?  If so, how many would you like to finish before 2016?

* I would love, love, love to finish the many books I've bought in the last year. Haha! I have a problem with reading too many at the same time. 

10). In your opinion, what is the best talent you posses?

* This is an interesting question. I haven't thought so much about the talents I may or may not possess. A few days ago, a coworker told me that the best thing about me as a nurse, was that I always kept "all my ducks in a row", I guess I am quite organized. ;-) Does speaking a second language count as a talent? I am extremely grateful for this. I can't even count the times I've used this skill in the workplace and in daily life. I can also move my nostrils on command...the children think it's hilarious. ;-) 

Now, some questions for anyone who would like to answer them in a comment below (or in your own blog):

1) Early riser or night owl?
2) What is something that you love about the place you live (house, town, etc)? Something you don't quite love about it? 
3) What was the last thing you bought?
4) How did you meet your best friend?
5) If you could go back in time, is there something you would do over differently?
6) What is your strongest personal quality?
7) If you could witness any event of the past, present or future, what would it be? (I found this question online and it is very interesting to think about!)
8) Favorite documentary?
9) Describe a perfect day.
10) What are you most afraid of?

Thank you for the award (and questions) Cryslyn! Have an awesome week, everybody! If you have any prayer requests, please let me know. I would love to pray for you. 

In Christ,


  1. Aww Gabby! I'd LOVE to meet you two as well!! :-D
    1) Early riser or night owl?
    Night Owl.. apart from christmas.. then cough3amawakecough

    2) What is something that you love about the place you live (house, town, etc)? Something you don't quite love about it?
    Our performance venue

    and the heat

    3) What was the last thing you bought?

    4) How did you meet your best friend?
    Randomly :P

    5) If you could go back in time, is there something you would do over differently?
    Pass my maths exam by studying harder

    6) What is your strongest personal quality?
    My conversational abilities :D

    7) If you could witness any event of the past, present or future, what would it be? (I found this question online and it is very interesting to think about!)
    Errrrrrrrrrrm I dunno... if I was travelling with the 12th Doctor hmmm probably the battle of britain or VE day in 1945 England...

    8) Favorite documentary?

    9) Describe a perfect day.

    With my family friends and loved ones seeing musicals :D

    10) What are you most afraid of?
    Death and Spiders
    ~Evie :-D

  2. In one sentence, this post makes me feel loved! Thanks! ;)

    Organization and knowing a second language are wonderful talents! And your other talent is...interesting and fun!

    Thank you also for including that last line about how you would pray for us if we have requests. I have a bit of a cold and yesterday morning my voice was a bit hoarse. It was just about the worst timing ever since we had a concert scheduled at the bandshell for last evening. I figured I was either not going to be able to sing or only sing a little, and even thought it might be nice if I could stay home. My sister and papa prayed for me; and my sis told me that I could be better so I could sing...I was like, "I wish..." She had a lot more faith than I. Guess what? I was able to sing every song...and a voice teacher who was there in attendance told me that if my voice was hoarse in the morning he sure couldn't tell--it sounded polished to him. Jesus does answer prayers!

    And now for some answers to your questions.

    1. Early riser.
    2. It's peaceful and a beautiful place. My family has lived in the area going back to the 1850s or 60s. I dislike some of the Iowa laws.
    3. German Chocolate Cake mix and coconut pecan frosting. (btw...that brownie you mentioned sure sounded good!)
    4. They were born my sisters and brother. My parents are pretty good friends too. (Of course I consider Jesus as my #1 best friend, but I think you are referring to humans here). Besides that I met one of my best friends after a concert while or after eating mint chip ice cream in a sugar cone at the Ackley Soda Fountain.
    5. Can I just erase the pain I've unintentionally caused others? I don't want to lose the lessons I've learned from my mistakes.
    6. I'm not sure.
    7. The return of Christ and the Judgment. (And I believe I will be able to witness it--"every eye shall see Him.")
    8. I don't enjoy documentaries...though I could tell you all about so many episodes from MacGyver, Mission Impossible, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Six Million Dollar Man, Get Smart, Big Valley, The Virginian, CHiPS, Hogan's Heroes, Wanted Dead or Alive, Black Saddle, and I Love Lucy! (Please don't tell me those aren't nearly as educational as documentaries...)
    9. There are a few different types of "perfect" would be spending time with family in the morning and then playing volleyball, eating good food, listening to live music from the Johnson Strings, and fellowshipping with friends. Another might be a day at a (good) chess tournament, and yet another might be hiking or exploring Iowa with my family. A perfect day could even be a peaceful day at home with a Bible study and music practice. I guess a perfect day is having the contentment and joy of God's presence and being surrounded with loving family.
    10. "Fear not, for I am with you, saith the Lord." I fear (respect) God. Besides that I try not to be afraid of anything. Please do not remind me of this next time you hear me gasp for breath at the sight of a spider...

    Do I know how to ramble? Oooh this is long. Blessings to you Gabby!


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