Monday, April 27, 2015

K + J : Wedding.

Hello everyone! It's been a long time, hasn't it? I've been meaning to post, but life happened. Since my last post, I've driven/flown from Minnesota to Texas/Mexico and back twice, celebrated Easter, am in the process of buying a house, and have worked in the hospital a ton.

Well, today I want to share with you the wedding of one of my best friends. J and I have known each other since we were little girls, but became the best of friends in our freshman year of high school. She is a keeper. ;-)

Fun facts: Back when we were in college, my sister and I traveled to the city where J was living. We met up with her and other friends to celebrate a birthday. That night, we also met up with a group of J's college friends. Among them was K, her now husband. I remember telling J that we (friends) all approved of K for her to date (I don't think they were in a relationship, yet). ;-)  

Also, back in 2013, Greg and I had just landed in Seattle from our honeymoon to Hawaii, when I turned on my cellphone (while still on the plane), and received word that K had proposed to J. I almost screamed inside the plane! :-D

Ok, back to the wedding.

Diana, her husband K, Greg and I drove from Minnesota to Texas and back. Yeap, drove. 16+ hours (32+ total), y'all. It was so fun, but so, so long.

Texas hill country.

Field in front of the venue.

Getting ready. 

The bride.

The wedding gown.

The bride and her sister's dress.

The Floridian bridesmaids (also two of my best friends). ;-) 

The venue.

Y, one of the bridesmaids who happens to be a wedding planner, working hard to arrange the bride's bouquet. ;-)

We went out and did a small photo shoot while the bride was getting ready. ;-)

The dance floor.

Another bridesmaid hard at work.

I obviously didn't get any pictures of the ceremony, but I took these afterwards. The ceremony was beyond beautiful. We (bridesmaids) all started crying because the groom started crying as his bride walked down the aisle with her Dad. Also, Greg was fashionably late. He and I were participating in a part of the ceremony (placing on the Lasso), and he got there a minute before it was our turn. Ahh! 

Isn't the altar beautiful?

Diana and K.

The bridesmaids misbehavin'. We wore nude heels for the ceremony, but quickly changed into boots. Because, duh. ;-)

Ah...isn't she beautiful?

Entrance as Mr. and Mrs. W!

My friend's daughter. She is too cute.

With the Groom and Bride.

Enjoying real Texas BBQ. ;-) 

The Bride's parents.

The Groom's "cake". College themed, of course. ;-)

The wedding cake.

My groom. ;-)

J's sister.

K's brother.

First dance!

Daddy/Daughter dance. It was SO fun, as you can tell!

And, last but not least, K stuffing his bride's mouth with cake. :-D

Thank you for looking through all the pictures! You are lucky I didn't post all 200 of them. ;-) 

K and J, we love you so, so much! We are so happy for you. 

"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together let no one separate." Matthew 19: 6



  1. I love the bridesmaids dresses with the cowboy boots! Good luck with the whole housing process. :)

    1. Thank you, Grace! :-) I LOVED the look, too.


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