Friday, January 16, 2015

Holidays (Minnesota & Mexico) 2014 [Part 1]

How are you? I've missed you. I miss blogging more often. However, less blogging is just a small sacrifice (no internet/cable at home) for a greater cause. :-)


This year (well, last year, I guess), Greg and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Minnesota. It was so different for me, as I've spent those two days at home, Mexico, my entire life. It was so fun, though!

On the 26th of December, we flew to Texas, my parents picked us up at the airport, and we headed home. Finally. We stayed there for an entire week! It was so good seeing family and friends I had not seen since Diana and Keith's wedding...some as far back as our wedding in 2013.

Well, here are snippets of our days at home. I'll try not to bombard you with the 150+ pictures I posted on Facebook (as I am the unofficial family photographer and everyone asks for the pictures if I don't post them as soon as I get home). ;-)

Christmas Eve

So, you should know that I failed miserably in taking pictures at the family dinner (Greg's side of the family) AND I brought my camera to the party. I guess we were too busy visiting with family we don't see for weeks! :-) Later at night, we went to my sister and her husband's Christmas Eve party at their home. 

Christmas Day

Why, hello, I failed yet again to take pictures. I did take some, but mostly with my phone. We went to my Greg's parents home and spent all day with them, our brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. We even ate leftover lunch for dinner, since we were still there! 

December 27th - January 4th

On December 28th, we celebrated my cousin's 10th birthday! Her birthdays are always a delight to my family, as she is one of my two youngest cousins...all of my other "young" cousins are in their teenage years!

A few of the twenty-somethin' cousins. Seven children make a lot of grandchildren! I am the oldest of all of them. ;-)

The two youngest, 10 and 6.

The next day, we went "touring" my town. We like to pretend we are tourists. We went to visit the new, main town square - or plaza, as we call it. There is a quaint, older one "downtown" from when the town was first established, but my town is growing and it couldn't hold a lot of people anymore for civic events, so they built a new, more modern one. 

We then went to visit the lake/dam. This dam is "shared" between the USA and Mexico. Can you believe President Nixon went to my town to inaugurate the opening of the dam? Neither can I. The lake's name is "Amistad" or "Friendship", which symbolizes the friendship between the two cities/countries. They still make a ceremony every year - the President's don't participate anymore, but the Mayors and other government officials do, and they shake hands in front of the two eagle statues to represent this friendship. This lake is also one of two point of entry's from my town to the USA by land. Two places at once. ;-)

I still have a lot more pictures from the New Years Eve/Day and the next few days - stay tuned for part 2! ;-)

I hope you enjoyed them. I am so, so thankful we could go spend time with my family!

How is your weekend? Any special plans?
I am having a quiet, Friday night of blogging, listening to music and sipping on some hot chocolate...and waiting for my husband to come home!



  1. Wow! That is one big lake! Love the photos of the horses. Your family looks very happy together--great shots of everyone! Sounds like a pleasant way to spend a Friday night!

    I had an enjoyable weekend--on Saturday my papa and I went to a chess tournament.

    1. It is a huge lake! I didn't even capture it all. ;-) thank you for your comment, Bethany!


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