Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Day.

This was our second Thanksgiving as a married couple! Oh my, time flies by! We spent it in company of our family, at Greg's parent's house.

I didn't have my camera with me during the day, but I managed to capture some moments and people, mostly the little ones.

Thanksgiving table(s). 

Greg's greatgrandmother's old china plates. We had two sets of plates set on the table. One belonged to Greg's greatgrandmother on his father's side and the other one (see previous picture) to his greatgrandmother on his mother's side. 

Needless to say, we ate from really old plates. ;-) 

N waiting for his main woman (his mom) to bring him some food.
He was the only one sitting down at that time. Isn't he cute?

The little ones playing outside in the snow.

This statue of Mary belonged to Greg's grandmother.

Can you guess who they dressed up as (using greatgrandma's vintage scarfs, mind you)?

And I finally managed to get someone to take our picture!

"What are you doing and why am I not outside with you?"

And last, but not least, an old chandelier belonging to the original owner of the house (1916).

I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures. Very random snippets of our day, I know. :-)


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  1. How did I miss this post?! Oh well, better late than never: I love those old china plates! The floral designs are lovely, and they're all the more special with a family history! Very nice shot of you and Greg together!


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