Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Life Motto.

Greg soaking up the beautiful view.
Do you have one? You know, a motto, an expression, a sentence, a quote...some wise words you live by?

Mottos (or mottoes) are often found through verses in the Bible, a sentence in a book you love, a street ad, on Pinterest, or they could be passed down from a family member.

Approximately six years ago, I began volunteering at a busy Emergency Department. My jobs included: restocking nursing supplies, greeting and ushering, running errands, transporting patients, cleaning equipment, changing linens, etc.

One day, a nurse approached me and asked if I was studying to be a nurse. I told her that being a nurse was my calling and that hopefully I would be able to get into the university's program.

She then started talking to me about what I do as a volunteer and the nursing profession. One of the last words she said was, "I am just going to tell you one thing I hope you never forget. Take everything as an opportunity rather than a personal inconvenience."

Take everything as an opportunity rather than a personal inconvenience

I don't know if she acquired it from a book or from someone else. I've looked it up on Google for years to no avail. However, that little sentence is how I [try] to see and live life, especially as a nurse.

I could give you a dozen (or more) examples of daily activities that are inconvenient. I could tell you about the dozen (or more) times I've caught myself about to complain or complaining.

But...I'll just tell you...those little inconveniences...those uncomfortable moments when life doesn't go your way and at your time...they are opportunities.

Opportunities to grow, to learn, to mature, and to sanctify.

Living by this little quote has shaped up the way I respond to others and to situations. It has enabled me to find joy in the ordinary. And yes, I do have other wise words I live by, mostly words taken from the Bible or from my parents. However, this is one that I remind myself of every day.

Do you have a "life motto"? Would you mind sharing it with me?


P.S. And if somebody just happens to know who is the author of my life motto, please do let me know! :-) And a big thank you to that random ER nurse, who took the time out of her busy day to encourage me.


  1. I have many motto's but here are a couple: "A simple hello could lead to a million things." "Don't dream your life, live your dream." and most recently I am coming to truly understand the importance of this one, "Be fearlessly authentic." It is so important to remember to never compromise my beliefs or even just who I am so others can accept me. Leading two lives never lead to a holy sanctified life.
    What wise words from that nurse. I will try to remember this when I God-willing am serving Him as a nurse.

  2. That is a wonderful motto. I am going to try and apply it to some of the daily situations I encounter in my life. A quote that I really like is: "Every heart that has beat strong and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind." --Robert Louis Stevenson. When my dad passed away, this quote really comforted me and made me think of him.

  3. I love your motto! Your perspective is so right on...and an encouragement to me today :)
    My motto ever since having children is 'Pay now or pay later'! I decided to home-educate because I saw ahead to the troubles we'd likely have if i didn't immerse into my family when they were young. Never mind missing a few luncheons with my friends!
    Glad you visited DRAH! Blessings, friend!


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