Sunday, October 26, 2014

A first wedding anniversary.

I can picture it as if it was yesterday.

I am pretty sure I was the first one to wake up. My sister, my cousin and I slept together, on the same bed, for one "last sleepover" before the first one of us headed towards the altar. Just as any other day, our family had breakfast together. Pretty normal. Except, today I was getting married to Greg.

I savored many "lasts" that day. The last time I would wake up as an unmarried girl, the last sleepover, the last day I would share a room with my sister, the last time it would be just us six at the kitchen table, the last day I would be under my parents authority, the last this and the last time that.

I also savored many "firsts" that day. The first day knowing that as of that day, life as I knew it was about to change. The first time wearing a wedding dress (and I felt like the most beautiful girl in it). I was also the first one from the grandchildren to get married. The first time wearing a wedding ring. The first kiss as husband and wife. The first time calling someone my husband. The first day as one flesh.

That first day, leads us to today, another first.

We've had many, many "firsts" since that day. We've also learned so many things about each other and about life. But for now, I'll leave you with a few of our stories. [Warning: A lot of links and long posts, just in case you are bored. :-)]

[I just realized I never posted the rest of the wedding pictures! Whoops.)

There are a lot more posts I wish to share on this post - but that means linking to every single post for 2013, and I am not torturing you with that! ;-) 

Thank you for looking through them. 

On another very important note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE! You won't have another huge "birthday party" like last year, but I promise this will be the best one yet. ;-) 

Praising God, from Whom all blessings flow, with a heart that is bursting with joy and gratitude,



  1. Happy Birthday to your husband!! I need to email you guys soon! :-)
    Oh how lovely will read those when I get a cup of tea.
    Oh, I've started a new blog too :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, feel free to email whenever you'd like. A new blog? How fun! :-D

  2. Romantic!!! Love it!!! -tu sister

  3. Happy anniversary! Praying the Lord blesses you both with many more delightful years together!

  4. happy happy anniversary to you both!!! My this next year be equally blessed and full of joy:)

  5. Awwww happy anniversary!!! I love that picture! You should definitely post some more of your wedding pictures someday:)
    This post was so cute it made me smile. Congratulations on your first year of marriage. God bless you two!

    1. Thank you, Faith! :-) I know, I should! I totally forgot with all the hectic things going on while moving last year. Thank you so much, again!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! :-) And, happy birthday to your husband! Enjoy all the celebrations!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! Haha. I know right? And next week is my birthday. The celebrations continue. ;-)


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