Tuesday, September 2, 2014

12 months of dates gift : Date #1 (September)

Remember this?

Well, as of today, my sister and her husband opened the first wedding gift of twelve, as today marked their first month of marriage! She sent me a text around eleven-something PM and told me they would get to open it in a few minutes. So exciting (for us girls, at least)! ;-)

Ok, on to the gift.

Greg and I wanted to do something simple and relaxing for the first month, as they would be super busy getting settled (and they are!). A little break from the "routine" would be perfect.

Every gift comes in a manila folder, decorated according to the month/season!

This is what it contained!
Every gift also contains a set of "instructions". ;-)

Well, it looks like "movie date this month!". If they choose to go, of course. It could be any day of this month, but it could also be any day during their first year of marriage!

I hope you enjoyed it! My plan is to make a post like this one for each month (hopefully). Also, many thanks to my sister and her husband who allowed me to blog about it. Perhaps with a little pressure from someone asking them to pleaseeeeeeeeee take a picture. ;-)

Have an awesome day!


Note: Also, please PRAY for Christians all over the world - especially for those who are persecuted and suffer death daily because of allegiance to Jesus Christ. Pray wholeheartedly for those who hate, shame and kill the lives of those Christians - that many (or one, or two) may see the light, His light! If you have seen/read the news, you know that this is happening around the world - especially this year. Lord, come quickly!


  1. This is such a neat idea!! I look forward to seeing what they all get ;)

  2. Cute idea! Can't wait to see the rest of the gifts each month. :-)

  3. We got a gift like this from some friends for our wedding and absolutely LOVED it! It meant so much to us because we could tell how much thought and love they had put into it...plus it helped us to remember to keep dating, even after we were married :)


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