Monday, August 25, 2014

D + K Wedding : Part dos

Well, I've been meaning to give you a peek into my sister's wedding since last week, but between our home and work, I barely had time to wash the dishes. ;-)

On Saturday, August 2nd, we woke up very...relaxed. We were very excited, nonetheless. The hairstylist arrived at my house around 1 PM and started doing our hair and makeup. Time passed by quickly! As soon as she finished up my mom, it was already time to put our dresses on and head to church!

My husband took a lot of pictures, but the following are courtesy of the photographer.

1) Diana's second pair of shoes (for when she got tired of heels) that she painted, with her ring and her husband's ring. Have I told you before that her ring is her husband's Great-grandmother's ring?
2) Bouquet of roses with their rings.
3) Some of the bridesmaids with the dresses behind us. It would have been nice to have our own dresses behind us, but we didn't think about that until later. ;-)
4) I love this picture of Greg and my dad. My dad is fixing his tie because he put it on backwards.
5) My dad "giving away" his daughter.
6) Bride and Groom. Diana and I used the same veil (thank you, Etsy)! I told her that since we both used it, our daughters (God willing) will now have to use our veil.
7) Vows. I have to tell you a story about this. Two days before the wedding, Diana had asked if I would translate this part of the ceremony to Keith (the church ceremony was in Spanish and he knows very little). The priest and I talked about it for literally five minutes before the ceremony began. I was so nervous. I ended up translating the entire homily/sermon, the vows, and everything the groom says for the rings, lasso and tokens. Needless to say, my sister owes me big time. ;-)
8) The Mass. Lasso.
9) Kiss outside the church.
10) Wedding cake. Only the top part was real!
11) Reception.
12) First dance!
13) Right after the Daddy/Daughter dance. My mother made Diana's hairpiece (she also made mine for my wedding). My brother, Gabriel, also sang the Daddy/Daughter dance song for both weddings!
14) Bride and Groom with Groom's parents.
15) All the young ladies in the house. ;-)
16) Momma's friends. We have been taking this exact picture with each of the group's daughters since my quinceanera (like a sweet 16, but when a girl turns 15 instead)...which was almost eleven years ago. I believe the two youngest daughters are turning 15 this year.
17) A lot of family members!

I think we got home at 4 AM that night/morning! It was such a great time. I can't even describe how much love was in the room. I am so thankful!

I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures! There is a part three...I know you were wondering...not. ;-)

Have a great week! If you have any prayer requests this week, please check this out!



  1. Lovely photos and beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing with us! Sounds like you had your work cut out for you as a translator! :)

    1. Haha! Almost everyone I talked to said they were going to hire me as a translator for a future wedding that requires one. ;-) It was pretty funny.

  2. Gorgeous photos ... and your sister looks just beautiful! I love looking at wedding photos. :-) Best wishes to your sister and her new husband!

    1. Thank you so much! I've been thinking of emailing you! :-)


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