Monday, August 18, 2014

12 months of dates gift

Well, I was planning on posting even more pictures of D + K's wedding weekend...but I can hardly wait to show you this.

Originally, Greg and I planned on giving D + K a household item as a wedding gift. However, we couldn't find something that was them. You know...when you see something at the store and you can totally picture so and so in that dress, or that bag, etc? So, off to Pinterest I go. I showed Greg how these awesome, girl bloggers had made these awesome gifts for their husbands.

We were hooked. We immediately (as of June) began our scavenger hunt for the perfect "12 months of dates" gifts.

The gifts are to be opened every 2nd day of the month, for twelve months - ending in August 2, 2015, their first year anniversary.

I can't reveal - yet - what they are, but I'll say something about them. We "wrapped" these gifts in manila envelopes, wrote "To be open: [month] 2, [year]", and we printed out pictures that relate to each month (e.g. September = acorn). We then placed all the gifts in a basket.

Some gifts are quirky, some are so much fun, some gifts are romantic, some are a little more relaxed - but I can tell you they all have one thing in common - they celebrate their marriage and their love!

Don't worry, I told my sister and her husband to take some pictures for us! I can hardly wait to reveal more. ;-) on to the wedding weekend.



  1. This looks very intriguing! And such a thoughtful gift!

  2. Great idea! That sounds like a neat gift!


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