Thursday, July 17, 2014

There is always something to be thankful for. 6.0

Perfect day for a bike ride!
1. For my husband's leadership, his willingness to be the main provider for our family, his kindness and patience towards his sometimes-stubborn-wife, and his sense of humor.

2. Exercise and diet! I really, really dislike exercising and being on a diet (more like fast - I am so hungry). However, I am thankful for these because I need to eat healthier and I need to be at a healthy weight for everyone involved, present and future - even if we ever become pregnant.

3. Engagements, marriages! Seriously, there is something in the air. ;-) Greg and I attended our first wedding as a couple last month. Then, not one, but two of my best friends were engaged within days of each other! Here is the countdown: My sister Diana is getting married in 16 days (ahh!), Jimena (engaged earlier this year) is getting married March 2015, Yoly (engaged this month) is getting married in December 2014, and America (engaged this month) has no date yet, but I am guessing early 2015. I am so, so happy for them! So thankful that God brought these girls the one that He prepared for them!

4. My parents invited Greg and I on a family vacation! It will be the first time Greg and I travel as a married couple with my parents. I am so excited to show Greg the real, beautiful Mexico I know (and not the one portrayed on the news/TV). So thankful for this opportunity!

5. Passports. Since I hold Mexican citizenship, I don't need a passport to enter or exit Mexico by land (to enter and exit the USA by land is a different process). However, I do need it to enter or exit Mexico and the USA by air. Let me just say I am thankful for consulates who process passports and gives them to you the same day.

6. Specific answers to prayer. Last week, Greg and I made an offer on a house. It was perfect. The perfect price, the perfect location, acres of land (what we want), perfect size...just meant for us. Well, I went to church later that day (on a Wednesday) just to pray. I began praying over this house and over our situation. I hesitantly told Him that I really wanted this house, but if He didn't think it was perfect for us...well, I surrendered to His will. Seriously, as soon as I stepped out of the building I get a text from my husband (who was at work). We didn't get the house.

7. Pediatric nursing. I LOVE my vocation. Caring for children is my thing, you know. However, there are those days when I wonder, when I am frustrated, when I would really like to be home with my husband, and when I feel incompetent and I don't want to do this anymore. Then, there is that family on those days that tells you how thankful they are that you speak their language, that you are the answer to their prayer that specific day, that tells you are the best.nurse.ever. I don't seek compliments from my patients, but I am thankful that God reminds me through those little compliments that - even on the most difficult of days - I am doing His work, for His glory.

8. My in-laws. I can't even begin to tell you how much wisdom they've shared with Greg and I.

9. Coupons to Michaels (arts & crafts). Haha. Really. I made something, for someone, and I am super excited about it! I will definitely be sharing/blogging about it later.

10. You. Your blog.

Ok, I've rambled on quite a bit now. I hope you are having the best.week.ever. ;-)

What are you thankful for today?
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!



  1. Gabby, I opened up your blog this morning and your post just brightened my day! Thanks for reminding us that there's always something to be thankful for. Perfect timing, as I was just thinking about this last night - how there is a blessing to be found in every day. The thing I am thankful for today is a particular great conversation that my husband and I recently had - time for just the two of us to really sit down and talk and go over our day. And, your blog is a blessing, too. :-)

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I am glad! And thank you for sharing - heart to heart conversations with our spouses are the best!

  2. I totally hate dieting, I get so hungry all the time and a little grouchy :-)
    Love reading your post, such a blessing!

    1. Haha! Same here! Let's say I love food. ;-) However, there is some family history I am concerned of (and that my parents always warn me about) and I want to totally avoid any health problems down the road! Your blog seems lovely! Congratulations on your pregnancy! New follower here. ;-)

  3. Dear Gabriela, I am very glad you are blessed by God. You make such a great couple. Have a good weekend my love x

    1. Thank you Miss Liuba! ;-) you are so very blessed as well! Have a super weekend! :-)

  4. Pediatric nursing was where I thought I needed and wanted to go and then I ended up a totally different path. It is insane how God's will is the strongest. What part of Mexico are you from?

    1. Hello Lauren! Right? I totally agree on how you put it...insane! I was so set on OB/L&D since before I started nursing school, BUT everything in life pointed straight to pediatrics. God willing, I'll be in the field for a long, long time.

      I am from a town across the border from Texas...Have you heard of Del Rio, TX? My hometown is right across (Coahuila is the state). ;-)


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