Tuesday, July 29, 2014

He is in control, not you.

A little something I made for you with a favorite Bible verse + a flower my husband picked for me while on a walk + picmonkey. ;-)

He is in control. He really is.
Thinking of you, yes you, today.

If you have any prayer requests, please check this out!
PS. My sister and her fiance are getting married this weekend! If you have time, could you say a little prayer for them and the two families? Thank you.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Car Show

Last weekend, Greg and I had the opportunity to go to a car show held in our town. The town has several events to showcase personal cars, but two of the biggest ones are "Back to the 50's" and "Car-Craft". We saw cars from all over the Midwest (I am still not used to saying that) and even some Canadian cars!

Here are some of our favorites.

Presenting Mr. Rolls-Royce.
I think this was a 50's car.

Does this next guy remind you of someone? 
We thought he looked like the sheriff from the movie "Cars".

Burnout competition. 


I imagined myself living in the 50's (or so) when these cars passed by.

This car was just a bit weird. Haha!

I really saw myself driving a Bel Air if I had lived back in the day (except in a turquoise color).

I took a lot more pictures, but I will save you from those! ;-)

Fun Fact: Greg and I rode my uncle's turquoise 50's Fairlane to our wedding (church and reception)! It definitely added a lot more vintage feel.

 Don't you just love vintage cars?
If you lived in the past, what car/color/year would you see yourself driving?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Sunshine and a Sunflower (Awards).

Well, I think this is the second Sunshine (first one from Bethany, second one from Evie) and a first Sunflower (first one from Cryslyn)!

I love reading/answering "blogging awards" because of the unique opportunity to get to know more specific details about bloggers I love. :-)

I am not so sure about the "official" rules. ;-) However, I do know that if you are nominated, you are to state facts about yourself, answer the questions you are asked, nominate other bloggers with few followers, ask questions in return, and link back to the blog who nominated you. Whew!

Ok, on to the questions.

As I said, I was nominated by Evie for this award. Evie blogs at A Period Drama Fangirl. Go visit her now, because, duh, who doesn't like period drama? ;-) She also blogs at The Wonders of History.

1) What was the last thing you bought?
Sandals! Greg and I are going on a family trip in which I need comfortable (but cute) sandals for walking around town.

2) Would you rather meet Jennifer Ehle (Lizzy Bennet) or Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy)?
Definitely Jennifer Ehle.

3) If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be?
Besides being a wife (and Godwilling, future mom) and a pediatric nurse, I would want to have a job in the youth ministry within a church setting. Does being a full-time missionary count as a job? If so, that would also be awesome. Also, my childhood aspiration...becoming an astronaut. Haha!

4) Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Definitely a morning person. Although, I do work mostly evenings/nights.

5) If you could master any instrument, what would it be?
Piano! My dad always said I "pianist fingers". But, in all seriousness, I do love watching people play the piano.

Now, on to the Sunflower.

I was nominated by Cryslyn, who blogs at Cryslyn's Blog. Go visit her now, too! Her blog is just lovely. [Note: Cryslyn nominated me waaaay back on July 3rd. Oops. I didn't forget, though! ;-)]

1) What is your dream home?
A big, white house with a surrounding porch and a white picket fence surrounding a large yard. I've seen it in Minnesota already...it is just not ours. ;-)
2) Do you have a current occupation? If not, what would you like for your future job to be?
Yes, I do. I am a pediatric nurse and I love serving others this way.

3) Have you grown stronger spiritually in a specific area where you struggled before? How did God help you out of it?
Completely surrendering and trusting in God's will (don't we all?). I used to struggle a whole lot when I was in college. Sometimes, that struggle wants to come back. However, when I look back, I can clearly see Him in everything! It helps my heart fill with peace in knowing that He really cares for me (1 Peter 5:7) and will act according to His purpose, not mine! I think once I truly understood this, there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

4) What is your favorite color to wear?
Navy blue!

5) Name a place where you have always wanted to visit. 
Ireland. I would also love to go back to Europe in general. I visited as a very young teenager, and well, teenagers sometimes have different priorities (like not paying attention to the tour guide).

6) Can you speak other language besides that of your own ethnicity?
I am only fluent in Spanish and English.

7) What is your favorite film?
Does Pride and Prejudice count? ;-)

8) If you could live in any time period, what would you choose?
I could pick different eras based on different reasons. But, my number one is Regency. Cliche, I know.

9) Iced or hot coffee?
Hot coffee! My husband loves Iced coffee...I don't understand how he can drink it like that!

10) Do you like, dislike or adore my blog? (sorry, just had to ask that question :)
Like I said, your blog is lovely (adore)!

Ah, I am going to have to apologize for not stating facts, asking questions and nominating more blogs. I wish I had more time! Today is just a little bit full. However, thank you for the nominations and for reading through. I truly enjoyed it!

Before I go, if you have any prayer requests for this week, check this out! I don't mind when praying for you is on my to-do list. ;-)


Saturday, July 19, 2014

She Prays

If you took a look at my Facebook page, you would see that I rarely post anything other than quotes, Bible verses, some pictures and an occasional nursing post. What I have never, ever done (besides not posting blog stuff), is going out of my comfort zone and ask if any one of my hundreds of friends have a prayer request.

I do ask some of my closest friends. I do tell them I will pray for them. But asking acquaintances on Facebook? No, Facebook, I am not posting what's on my mind. If they need a prayer, they will ask. Keepin' it to myself.

Lately, I have been thinking (like a lot) that God is calling me into a deeper communion with Him. How? Others. Pray for others. Build a stronger community with others.

Well, the third tab up there on my header thing (excuse the language, I am totally not a computer person) is my answer.

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will. Romans 8:26-27

I pray that someday, I'll be brave enough to post something like this on Facebook.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

There is always something to be thankful for. 6.0

Perfect day for a bike ride!
1. For my husband's leadership, his willingness to be the main provider for our family, his kindness and patience towards his sometimes-stubborn-wife, and his sense of humor.

2. Exercise and diet! I really, really dislike exercising and being on a diet (more like fast - I am so hungry). However, I am thankful for these because I need to eat healthier and I need to be at a healthy weight for everyone involved, present and future - even if we ever become pregnant.

3. Engagements, marriages! Seriously, there is something in the air. ;-) Greg and I attended our first wedding as a couple last month. Then, not one, but two of my best friends were engaged within days of each other! Here is the countdown: My sister Diana is getting married in 16 days (ahh!), Jimena (engaged earlier this year) is getting married March 2015, Yoly (engaged this month) is getting married in December 2014, and America (engaged this month) has no date yet, but I am guessing early 2015. I am so, so happy for them! So thankful that God brought these girls the one that He prepared for them!

4. My parents invited Greg and I on a family vacation! It will be the first time Greg and I travel as a married couple with my parents. I am so excited to show Greg the real, beautiful Mexico I know (and not the one portrayed on the news/TV). So thankful for this opportunity!

5. Passports. Since I hold Mexican citizenship, I don't need a passport to enter or exit Mexico by land (to enter and exit the USA by land is a different process). However, I do need it to enter or exit Mexico and the USA by air. Let me just say I am thankful for consulates who process passports and gives them to you the same day.

6. Specific answers to prayer. Last week, Greg and I made an offer on a house. It was perfect. The perfect price, the perfect location, acres of land (what we want), perfect size...just meant for us. Well, I went to church later that day (on a Wednesday) just to pray. I began praying over this house and over our situation. I hesitantly told Him that I really wanted this house, but if He didn't think it was perfect for us...well, I surrendered to His will. Seriously, as soon as I stepped out of the building I get a text from my husband (who was at work). We didn't get the house.

7. Pediatric nursing. I LOVE my vocation. Caring for children is my thing, you know. However, there are those days when I wonder, when I am frustrated, when I would really like to be home with my husband, and when I feel incompetent and I don't want to do this anymore. Then, there is that family on those days that tells you how thankful they are that you speak their language, that you are the answer to their prayer that specific day, that tells you are the best.nurse.ever. I don't seek compliments from my patients, but I am thankful that God reminds me through those little compliments that - even on the most difficult of days - I am doing His work, for His glory.

8. My in-laws. I can't even begin to tell you how much wisdom they've shared with Greg and I.

9. Coupons to Michaels (arts & crafts). Haha. Really. I made something, for someone, and I am super excited about it! I will definitely be sharing/blogging about it later.

10. You. Your blog.

Ok, I've rambled on quite a bit now. I hope you are having the best.week.ever. ;-)

What are you thankful for today?
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Visit to Minnehaha Falls, MN

Hello everyone! I hope you all (I am tempted to type "y'all") had a fun, holiday weekend!

On the fourth, we had a family get-together in the early afternoon. We then met up with Ana and Caleb for a quick hello, since they were by our apartment. It is so much fun making "new" friends! Later on, Greg and I parked at the children's hospital where I work (since I was scheduled to work at 11 PM), and watched the city's fireworks from there. My supervisor said she thought it was romantic that my husband and I were watching the fireworks from the parking lot, right before work. ;-) I was exhausted the next day, but it was so much fun!

Anywho. Back to the matter of this post. One of our favorite things to do is to visit/explore all kinds of parks, learn about their history, hike, bicycle ride, and take pictures (my personal favorite). My second favorite part of visiting a park is encountering a waterfall - big or small!

This weekend, we visited Minnehaha Park.

Full force! Supposedly, the falls aren't this big, but since we had a lot of snow during winter and a lot of flooding lately, this happened. 

We followed the river long enough that the waters calmed.

Limestone cave!

And finally, the waters emptied into the Mississippi.

Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Running wild and free
You hear my heart when I call, when I call
Deep calls to deep
Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Raining down on me 

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. - Psalm 42: 7

Chris Tomlin's "Waterfall" was stuck in my head all day. Might as well share a verse of the song to get it out of my system. ;-)

Thank you for looking through the pictures! What did you do this weekend? 


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Don't let me forget.

Of my Mexican, Spanish, and Indigenous ancestors.

The stories you told me of your dad, Diego, my great-great-grandfather, leaving to war when you were just a three-year-old girl. You never saw him again, but you clearly remembered him when you were a ninety-five-year-old girl.

Your sense of humor. The way you stuck your tongue out at us, your great-grandchildren. You would also let us piggy-back ride on your wheelchair.

The way you ate your eggs. They looked like soup! You also had Tang every day.

That day my parents named my youngest brother after your husband, Salvador, my great-grandfather.

Although I never saw it, my mom told me you had two crooked toes – the same two crooked toes I have.

The way you allowed my sister and I to take off your boots and hang your cowboy hat after a long day at work. Sometimes, you would allow us to play dress-up with them!

The cigarette smell of your shirts. That day you pretended to be mad at Diana and I for burning your pack of cigarettes in the toaster. It was our attempt to make you quit smoking.

When you used to help me count coins at our family, butane gas company. As you got older, I remember helping you count and when you left this world, I did it on my own. You taught me how to love and “run” our company.

The love you had for your “casita” (little house) and your “ranchito” (little ranch). The horses, the cold water well, the white house with a green roof, the hay stacks we climbed, the corn, the Easter egg-hunts, the swings, the ranch caretakers, the old gas tanks, the fear of the outhouse (restroom).

The stories you told me of your mom requesting that you and your sister walk to your church to celebrate Mass, every day, with a mantilla (head covering) on.

The endless pancake stacks you made us, your grand-children, when we stayed overnight.

The stories you told me of your courtship days.

The Christmas cake you always made during Christmas time. I promise to make it for my (yours, too) future family and tell them about you.

Your beloved dog, “Minguis”.

When you, Tito, would allow my sister, my cousin and I to make you ponytails and place the biggest bows on your hair while you sat on your favorite couch.

Your white/gray hair and its baby oil smell.  

The trips to your ranch. The bamboo beaded door and the sound it made as you went past it. The river. The tire swings. The pool.

The story my mom told me about you when you saw newborn me for the first time. She said I stole and softened your heart.

The trips to Walmart and the Icee you would buy for us every time we went.

The stories you would tell me of your school (for girls) days, owned by Catholic nuns in our community. The ring I wear, your class ring, will always remind me of them.

The way you braid your long, dark hair. Your green eyes. The resemblance we have with each other.  

That you walked to work every day. You never learned to drive.

The joy of having a big family. You and grandfather had seven children.

The way you taught us our prayers when we stayed over at your house. The excitement over the bunk beds!

 Grandfather’s portrait. It has been on the same spot for as long as I can remember.

The way you save everything. Every item you own has a special meaning.  

You are my roots. You are my home. Don’t let me forget that.


Thank you for reading! This is a small collection of memories that I have of my great-grandmothers and my grandparents. I am so thankful for my sense of curiosity when I was young girl, as I want to tell these stories to my children (God willing). What a better way than "writing" them so I won't forget? :-)

(Family surnames: Hernandez, Villarreal, Zapata, Martinez, Pena, Muzquiz, Tijerina, Robles)