Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These are the ordinary, beautiful days

That day when we left city-life. Just for a moment.

Or that day when we spontaneously went on a "road trip" up north.

And we stepped back, breathed, and marveled at Creation.

That day when we found ourselves in a small town, with a small, middle 1800's public library.

And we stepped back in time at a 1960's drive-in restaurant.

And we also found an 1852 school house.
Can you imagine how lovely it was to go to school here?

 That day when I caught our niece barefooted and with flowers in her hair.
And the sun's afternoon glory.

That day I held our baby nephew's hands, as he stepped on grass for the first time.
At first, he didn't know what to think of it, then he proceeded to sit down and play with it.
Later, I caught my husband holding him.

That day she wore swimming goggles, to prepare for "flight".

That day I realized gardening is teaching me patience.

That day I babysat two soon-to-be pre-schoolers. And I realized I met them as babies.
Time flies!

That day when our sister-in-law held some of our belongings at her house (because we don't have enough storage space in our apartment).
And then she sold her house.
And we had to "move out" our stuff.

And I moved out everything in a skirt.
And I only got one scratch in the process!

That day we heard the ice-cream truck jingle. We stopped him, of course!

That day when I had on a flowery apron, a flowery skirt, and flowery sandals.
You can't possibly wear too many flowers. ;-)

Wake up to the smell of coffee, instead of your cellphone alarm. Observe as your family engages in joyful chatter on the dinner table. Marvel at how the sun rises (or sets). Garden with your momma. Ask older family members about your family history and write it down. Sit back and read a book by the window. Take a walk along that unpaved road. Our days are as busy as we make them.

There is really joy in the ordinary.



  1. Lovely post, great message, and wonderful pictures--it put a smile on my face!

  2. Beautiful photographs and your these moments will stay for long. I love the photo where babies are relaxing :) Amazing!!!

    Much love,
    Liuba G


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