Sunday, April 20, 2014

Faith of a Child

On Good Friday, Greg and I went to our church service. Behind us was a little girl, around 7 years old, and her father. As we received Communion and went back to our pews, the little girl knelt right behind me.

"Daddy...what do I tell Him?" she said. 

"You can tell Him anything you want," answered Dad. 

"Dear Lord, thank you for dying for me and for loving me so much," she whispered.

Yes, Lord, that is my prayer, too.


On a funny note, Greg and I gave our nieces and nephews small baskets (or bags) for Easter. I wanted to incorporate the real meaning of Easter into their baskets. 

"Auntie, what does this tag say?" asked M (our 4 year old nephew).

"It says, 'To M, love Uncle Greggy and Auntie Gabby, happy Easter, He is risen'," answered my sister-in-law.

Baffled, M asked, "WHO is risen?"

I am sure Jesus laughed at this. 
Maybe next year I'll incorporate a coloring page of the Resurrection. ;-)


I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!



  1. Gabby, these are two really sweet little stories. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank You, Colleen! Happy Easter to you, too!

  2. What sweet stories!! Hope you and your husband have a wonderful Easter season! :)

  3. I'm involved with a lot of children's ministries at my church and my favorite thing to hear little kids do is pray!

    ...And say the word, "babies". :)


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