Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three little visitors and a not-so-ordinary day.

Two days ago, we had three little visitors.

Here is what a six-year-old and two four-year-olds had to say:

At the sight of the Capitol.
C: "Auntie Gabby, look at the church!"
Me: "That is not the church, C. It's the Capitol."
C: "What is that?"
Me: "Well, its a place where there are a bunch of offices for the government and people work there."
M: "What is a gov-ment?"
Me: "They make the rules we have to follow in the city we live in."
B: (six-year-old joins our conversation) "Is that like Mount Rushmore? It has presidents in it."
Siiiiimilar concept.

At the sight of the Cathedral.
Me: "Look C! That's the church."
M: "That's where Mommy and Daddy got married."
B: "...And N also had water poured on his head there!"
Me: "Yeah. N got baptized there. You were there for his baptism and you were all baptized there, too, when you were babies."
M: "What's bap-, bap-..."
Me: "Baptism."
M: "Yeah."
Me: (unsure of what their parents have told them about this subject) "It's...umm...when you become...umm... a son of God."
M: "Oh. Yeah, N was wearing a gown and they poured water over his head. When I was little, they washed my hair, too!"
Lord, have mercy. 

While passing the Cathedral.
M: "Auntie Gabby, why do people get married?"
Me: "Umm...well...when you grow up, two people fall in love, they decide they want to stay together forever, the boy gives the girl a ring, they go to a church and they get married."
C: "When I get married, I want a big, big, big, big, biiiiiig ring."
Priorities of a four-year-old. 

B: "Auntie Gabby, is Spain a town or a city?"
Me: "It's a country! A city is like St. Paul and a country is like the United States."
M: "Yeah. We are St. Poloans!"
Greg: "What?! You live in the North Pole?!"
M: "No, silly. That's where Santa Claus lives."
M: (distracted by a tall building) "Wow! That building must have cost one-hundred dollars!"

I am happy to report that we survived taking care of not one, but three little ones. When I picked them up, they informed me of the rules. They were instructed to take care of each other, hold hands when we walked on the street, and to be very good listeners. We went swimming in an indoor pool, watched Lilo & Stitch, the little girls played ring-around-the-rosie (with a teddy bear as their third person), and I fed them juice, mac&cheese and brownies (whoops).

To end this post: C: "Auntie Gabby, you make the most delicious brownies in the whole wide world forever!" ;-)

And that, friends, is the beauty of a not-so-ordinary day. ;-)



  1. Oh, their comments are so adorable! Children think of the cutest things too say...thanks for sharing!

    1. Right? They do think the cutest and most random things to say! But that is one of the reasons I love children. ;-)

  2. How adorable! Children say the most precious things. :)

    1. Hello Cryslyn! Thank you for both of your comments! And yes, they do. The innocence in their questions is so precious! :-)


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