Thursday, February 20, 2014

There is always something to be thankful for. 4.0

1. Warm-er weather! The weather in Minnesota has been a little warmer these days. Spring,
2. Two free tickets to the movie theater! My husband and I used our tickets to watch Frozen! As tradition goes (whenever a movie about of two sisters and/or two best friends comes out), my sister and I had the conversation of who was who in the movie. "You are totally Elsa. I am Anna." Yes, people. We totally have those conversations in our twenties. We have been having them since we were little girls! ;-) I am thankful for my sister, as well.
3. Quiet time for prayer, journaling and/or reading. I've done a lot of that these winter months.
4. The opportunity to stay home and help my husband "build" our home. I understand that some wives desire this and are not able to. I've learned so much!
5. My husband's job. He told me, just yesterday, that some of his coworkers were laid off due to the company restructuring.
6. Apple FaceTime. It may seem ridiculous, but I get to "see" my family in Mexico and Texas almost every day thanks to modern technology. :-)
7. This past month, I have been applying to jobs that hire a (Pediatric) RN. Well, I looked into two jobs and I was rejected for both. At first, I tried to throw a pity party for myself. However, none of the [two] guests responded. Talk about dying to self! I was immediately led to praise! I praise God because He has been so faithful. I know that He will guide me to the place where He wants me to serve Him and His people as a nurse.
8. Snail mail! Who doesn't love snail mail? This includes a letter and a picture frame from my sister, a necklace from a friend and a homemade soap from another!
9. The blogging community! The blogs I follow, the blogs who follow me...the friends I've made. Can I just tell you how much of a blessing you are?
10. Water. Last week, we had absolutely no water in our restroom for four days (perks of apartment living). Not fun! Well, it was a way. Don't worry, we did bathe. Have you ever used a bucket? ;-) I am just so thankful for it!

What are you thankful for today?



  1. The ability to be a stay-at-home wife is a huge blessing. No matter what the future has in store, I'm sooooo glad for this opportunity to really learn about ordering and keeping a home. I've learned way more about keeping my life organized these past nine months of marriage than I did in four years of college. lol.

  2. It IS a huge blessing. Sometimes, my heart aches to go back to work with my babies (patients). However, I am enjoying this season I am in and I don't ever want for it to end! Please? ;-) Your comment made me laugh... I've also been a lot more organized now!


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