Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sharing the Gospel makes me... vulnerable?

Every time I read about someone making a Facebook page for their blog or seeing them share a post on their personal Facebook (specifically posts on the faith), I think, "How brave of her/him!".

To be honest, I haven't shared any of my blog posts on my Facebook (FB) page.

A couple of months ago, my sister did the unthinkable - to me, anyways. She shared on her personal FB a post I wrote on my blog. It was, and continues to be, the post with the most views (200 and something). Her excuse was that it was too good not to be shared.

I felt completely ashamed and vulnerable. I didn't know exactly why.

One day, I read Emily P. Freeman's book, "Grace for the Good Girl: Letting go of the try-hard life", where she writes:

 "We deflect the threat of closeness by learning to read others' responses to us. In this way, we simultaneously avoid and long for discovery. If you are hiding behind your comfort zone, chances are that moving towards others is easy...But there will be a distinct possibility that if they begin to ask questions, you will move quickly on and deeply inward. You retreat to your comfortable living room...And you will smile and wave from a distance, because who they think you are is infinitely more important that who you really are. Or perhaps you don't even bother moving towards others, because in so doing, you put yourself at risk. They might not receive you well...turn you away...not be safe. And so you stay put." 

That was it. To be honest, I didn't (haven't) share my blog with my "real-life" friends because of fear. Fear of what people I know in real-life might think of me and the blog. Fear that people get to really know me, and not just superficially on Facebook and/or other casual encounters. Fear that they know I am not as confident as they think I am. Fear that they know I have struggles - just like them. Fear of insult because of my beliefs. Fear that they know that I am in love - and I mean crazy in love - with my Savior. 

I started blogging because it was so out of my comfort zone. A year later, this blog has become my home. Fear of vulnerability sometimes creeps up, and probably always will, for me. However, it creeps up less than it used to.  

And yet, God calls me (and YOU) to do something different. 

He wants us to share the Gospel and not be ashamed of it. To witness. He wants us to declare His glory. He wants us to humbly make known His deeds among the people so His name will be praised. He asks us to decrease, so that He might increase. He wants us to be imitators of Him.

I am not saying that my blog is Truth - this is just an example (in comparison to the sharing of the Gospel) of how He calls me, yet again, out of my comfort zone. I do, however, want my life and my blog to proclaim His glory. I want my real-life friends and my bloggy friends to see Jesus in my marriage, in happy times, in sad times, and in the midst of struggles - whether that be sharing Him in community, on my blog, instagram or on my FB page. 

Girls, I think that sharing the Gospel makes us vulnerable - it can be scary, but oh, so beautiful.

Live the Gospel and make Him known.

Do you share your blog (specifically posts on your beliefs) on FB or with your "real-life" friends?
How does He call you out of your comfort zone via the media?


(Just a side note: Invasion of privacy is a real issue and I do NOT advocate sharing detailed posts about your personal life and whereabouts publicly. Be careful with the content you share. Make Him known, just don't make known your house/car in the middle of it! ;-) )

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