Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Love-ly Weekend

Hi! How was your weekend? We had quite a busy one! Extra lovely, nonetheless.

Random Question: Do you ever save your glass candleholders? I have been living in Minnesota for about 3 months and I have bought 6+ candles. That is a lot...considering how expensive they can be. As I was about to throw away the candle, Greg asked me if I ever cleaned and saved them. 

So, this was a project I did this weekend. It was so easy and I have leftover wax that smells lovely.  

This was also our first married Valentine's Day! ;-)

We also wanted to spread the love with family (and some strangers)... so I also made some Valentine's Day goodies!

I spent $2 for 20 people - so cheap! The cards were even "scratch-n-sniff"! ;-)

It was so fun passing them around. It's such a gift to give. Hopefully we can make this a tradition and carry it to our children!

Did you do anything special? I hope you have a lovely week!

Time to prepare dinner! ;-)


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