Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nothing Compares to You, Jesus

Nothing Compares to You by Danielle Rose

He could give me diamonds,
But you're the treasure that I seek.
He could whisper sweet nothings,
But you're the voice in my dreams. 
He could sing me a song,
But you're the melody.
He could give me a home, 
But you're my safety.

Nothing compares to you.
No one compares to you.
I have found a love that's true.
I belong to you.

He could give me roses,
But you're the earth the rain the Son.
He could kiss me softly,
But you're the maker of love.
He could give me his heart, 
But you're the beat within mine.
He could lay down beside me,
But you lay down your life.

You are the heavens.
You are eternity.
Is it true that you wanna marry me?

Ah. I had heard this song previously, but tonight, I heard it again, and it brought me to tears. I was reminded how much God loves me. How Jesus is the only one that can fulfill all my needs and desires. Yes, I have a husband who plays a part in that role, but I can't look for Greg to fulfill my deepest needs. That would make me selfish. My greatest hope is that our intimacy in marriage is a reflection of our intimacy with Christ - our first, true love. 

Married and single ladies, as you pray for your husband/future-husband, let's make it a priority to grow closer to our Savior! We are His beloved! This relationship with Him is worth more than any earthly relationship we could have.

I hope you were encouraged. Have an awesome day! It's almost the weekend! Yay!



  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love Danielle Rose; her voice sounds so heavenly! I heard her sing live when we were in Rio for WYD this past July...thanks for sharing Gabby:)

    1. You are welcome, Patty! I found her a few months ago. All of her songs are just beautiful! Yes, her voice does sound heavenly! Ah, so awesome you got to see her in WYD!

  2. I have never heard that song before but wow! Those lyrics are powerful! That really spoke to me. Jesus is our all; which is such an amazing and satisfying thought. Thank you for sharing:)

    1. Thank you for your comment, Faith. It blesses me to know that. Yes, wow, Jesus is indeed our ALL. It's almost beyond comprehension!


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