Monday, December 9, 2013

Silver: 25 Years

One day, a girl (who, at the time, was around 23 years old) asked her parents if she could go on a trip to the beach with her friends. 
The beach was about 910 miles away. 
Her parents said no, unless her younger sister accompanied her.
The girl hesitated, but she allowed her younger sister to tag along.

One night, while at the beach, the girls went out for dinner. 
The younger sister was approached by the restaurant server with a flower for her!
A boy had sent the flower to her. 
The boy was on vacation with his friends, too.
They met for the first time.
Surprisingly, they found out they were from the same town!
Was it a mere coincidence?

When they both returned from their vacation, they met again.
They lived close by.
Her parents knew his parents (but they didn't see each other often).
They had friends in common.

She liked the boy.
The boy pursued her. He liked her long, curly hair.
They fell in love.
25 years ago, today, the boy and the girl said, "I do!".

She was 20. He was 22.

Gracias, Mami y Papi, por mostrarnos a mis hermanos, a mi hermana y a mi como se ve un amor y una gracia incondicional. 
(Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing my brothers, my sister and I, what unconditional love and grace looks like.)


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  1. Aww that's such a beautiful story! Congratulations to them!:)


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