Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas (Mexico) 2013

This past December 24, Greg and I had the opportunity to travel to my hometown in Mexico for Christmas Eve/Day! We left Minnesota very early in the morning. We were thankful for very few airport travelers that day (aka no security lines) least in Minnesota. :-) We met up with my sister's fiance (surprise visit) at the airport in Texas. My dad and brother picked us up in Texas, and then we headed to Mexico.

Christmas Eve (at Aunt Becky's)

Family Picture


My dad and my grandmother Elva (his mom)


My green-eyed grandmother Rebeca (mom's mom) ;-)

Every year, we sing, "kids" outside and "adults" inside, asking for a posada (inn/shelter). Basically, it is a song that recreates Joseph and Mary's search for a place to stay. Some families/churches dress up to play the parts of Mary and Joseph. We never dress up. Traditionally, posadas are held the nine days (I think) ending in December 24th. A song is sang outside someone's home (with consent) and the community usually has a night of prayer and light snacks. The people outside the home sing the part where Joseph and Mary are asking for a place to stay. The people inside the home sing the part of the innkeeper saying that there is no room. The song goes back and forth/inside and outside until the "innkeeper" lets them in.

Thought you might find it interesting. :-)
The "kids" asking for posada.
Greg and I were also part of the kids.

I took a video, too. Unfortunately, I can't upload it. :-( 

Christmas money-saver: Put your name on a cup and use it the entire night!
We had the idea of doing this last year, and now we do it in every single get-together/party.

(Ale is my middle name, by the way)

Christmas Day (at my house)

Our we-just-woke-up-and-showered-Christmas picture. 

Our Christmas Tree.
We have had it for as long as I can remember.

Mom makes it every.year.

This man was in the kitchen every 30 minutes or so.
Just kidding.
But he did enjoy eating!

Christmas - 1
Greg - 0

I am so grateful we were able to spend this holiday with my/our family. Many memories made! 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and learned a bit about our traditions! 

Happy New Year! May God bless you abundantly this 2014. 

Much Love,

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