Tuesday, November 19, 2013

There is always something to be thankful for. 3.0

Our home - Instagram style
1. A new home with my husband. I recently moved to Minnesota to live with Greg! 
2. A new, welcoming family (let's not forget the adorable little nieces and nephews!).
3. I also recently resigned from my job (in Texas) as a pediatric nurse. I was so anxious and overwhelmed that I had to do this. I am thankful that the process was extremely better than I expected. My coworkers had a party for me at work. My manager was very understanding and told me that the doors will always be open for me if I ever went back to live in Texas.
4. For all of our family and friends who attended the wedding. So thankful for the love shown.
5. The opportunity to travel to Hawaii. I am telling you, God is a show-off, people, and He succeeded. ;-)
6. Daily phone calls with my parents. 
7. The opportunity to "stay-at-home". I am so grateful for a husband who can provide for our family. I am praying/looking for a job as a pediatric nurse in Minnesota. In the meantime, I trust that God wants me to work here, at home, with Greg. I am learning so much! More on this on a later post.
8. Our first Christmas tree (Too soon? Of course not!). It's 6 ft tall and we purchased it for a good price! Our lights are the vintage kind - perfection. 
9. For a husband who can clean a kitchen. He also dances with me in there. :-)
10. Hot chocolate, coffee and tea. Enough said. Oh, and Reese's. 

What are you thankful for today?  

Much Love,

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