Thursday, October 10, 2013

5K +1 Run!

This past weekend, I went home to spend some time with my family, attend a friend's wedding and to help out with wedding planning. It was an exhausting, but fun weekend!

One of the doctors' in my town is planning on building a hospital centered around treating cancer. As a fundraiser, he planned a 5K + 1 run (which, due to a mistake, we ran a total of 8.5K).

My dad, brother and I ran and my mom and cousins ran a rest stop, giving out bottles of water and oranges.

I captured some pictures with my phone, since I couldn't run with my camera.

Ready to run!

 People would post who they were running for, etc. 

There were school groups on bicycles, too!

It was a beautiful, cold, clear morning (we were there at 0730)!

I've been really, really busy. Thus, my lack of blogging.
How is your life lately?

Only 16 days until the wedding! 


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