Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yeah, I know, that word doesn't exist. They should really have one, though (if you find one, please let me know).


This Monday and Tuesday, Greg and I celebrated six months of being married (legally), AND celebrate three years of being "together".

Monday night, with cheap pizza, milk, and the history channel, of course.

Tuesday morning, we headed over to a coffee shop in Minneapolis.
His aunt, MA, gave us a gift card to this coffee shop when we got married. It was fun to make use of it! We splurged. We ended up paying .49 cents out-of-pocket.

After we left the coffee shop, we headed to a Maya exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

It was SO much fun!
We learned a lot about the history "of [my] people", like Greg said. He was joking.


I believe these are stelae.

A Spanish friar ordered Maya books/writings to be burned because they contained work of the "devil".


Ball. I've actually seen this game played (entertaining purposes only)!
It's intense.

My Maya birthday!

Greg's Maya birthday!

Our Maya stelae.
These would be stone monuments that supposedly told a story of an important date, like the birth of a new king, etc.

My Maya name was "Radiant Flower" and Greg's was "Great Shark", so the last two blocks (glyphs) of stone would say, "Is born, Radiant Flower", "Is born, Great Shark".

Interesting, right?


Could you please, please pray for Greg and I? I usually never ask for a prayer request, but this time, I just need peace. Peace about our present and our future. For wisdom, as we make big decisions. Thank you. I pray that in return, God fills you with His love and His peace.

Lord, fill me with Your peace. A peace that's beyond all understanding.



  1. Happy Half-versary!!

    DEFINITELY praying for you. *hugs* ♥♥♥

    1. Haha, thank you Clare! And thank you for your prayers! :-)

  2. Hi Gabriela! So nice to meet you today! Of course, I will pray for you and Greg. When you are married, there are lots of decisions to make together. It can get pretty intense. I know you will end up doing the right thing.

    Your outing looked like fun :) I enjoyed my visit today to your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Ceil! And thank you for your prayers. I checked out your blog, as well, and I see you are a nurse, too! :-)


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