Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bridal Shower

Two weekends ago, my mother hosted a bridal shower for me in my hometown in Mexico. Prepare yourself for a ton of pictures. Well, not a ton, but you know... ;-)

 The Family

The Party

We gave an oven mitt and pot holder as a bridal shower favor.
In the middle of the table, you can see a basket, where women placed their recipe cards they brought to the party (I previously handed them out along with the invitation).

We played a game, similar to the Loteria game or Bingo, but wedding themed. My mom made all the cards for the entire party!
These were the prizes for the winners. The game lasted around 2 1/2 - 3 hours!
We had been collecting the prizes since Christmas time 2012!

This was my brother's "gift" to me.
It is a bridal shower guest book, kitchen themed of course!

The cakes.
My cousins, Ilse, Isamar and Frances (sisters), baked all these cakes! They were around ten from them.
Also, we had two other flan cakes from a friend's mom.

My brother, Gabriel.
I have another brother, Salvador, but he was busy helping my dad!

The Ladies

Diana, my sister.

From L to R: Diana, Ilse, Tia Rossy (dad's sister), Isamar, Frances, Dariana, Mom, Tia Becky (mom's sister), and I.

My mom (middle) and her sisters, Becky and Tenchis.

Diana and Anna, cousin.

Iris, one of my friends since way back in the day. I was with her brother in school since Kindergarten.

My mother's group of friends since their teenage years!
Four are missing in the picture.
I consider them and their families as family.

My friends, Andrea and Paulina. We have been friends since Pre-Kindergarten!

The flower girls (or bridesmaids as they want to be called, since they are "older"). ;-)
Alexus, Gabby (we call her Tali), and Dariana.

Mia Natalia, cousin.

Andrea and Lucero. They, too, are my friends since way back when.

Grisyan, she is like my family.

With Elsa, Andrea, Diana and Ana V. 

I have tons of individual pictures with friends, so I'll just show you once and for all the group picture of the "younger" girls. ;-)

Top Row: Claudia, Grisyan, Massiel, Isa, Luisana, Ana M., Me, Lucero, Ana V., Diana, Paty, Fernanda and Andrea.
Second Row: Andrea, Paulina, Elsa, Diana, Anna, Iris and Nubia.

Let's Play!

I have a ton of pictures from the game, but you now get the main idea. :-)

Moving on...Keep on scrolling down (thank you so much, by the way!).

Other (Special surprise from my Dad at the end).

So, that white frame with letters?
It's supposed to resemble a picture frame.
We spent an entire night making it!
Needless to say, glitter was all over our clothes, hair, nails...


At the very end of the game, I saw that one of my brothers went to turn up the music.
I didn't think any of it, until I heard that voice!

My dad, such a gentleman, dedicated a song to Diana and I.
The song is called "Princesas Magicas" ("Magical Princesses") by Jesus Adrian Romero.
It's a song from a father to his daughters.

Here is a part of the lyrics. I'll try my best to translate it into English.

Tengo dos escusas en mi mente,
Para recordar mi vida, y a mi casa regresar
Son un par de mágicas princesas,
con pijamas y con trenzas, que juegan a ser mama.
Entre gimnasia y la tarea,
van creciendo muy deprisa,
hay hay hay,
las quisiera detener.
Pero un día se irán de casa, 
y en sus cosas llevaran un pedazo de mi vida que jamas regresara,
mientras tanto quiero darles tantas cosas,
quiero darles tanto amor, tanta atención,
y enseñarles cada día su importancia, su valor,
quiero cuidarles el corazón.

(I have two excuses in my mind, to remember my life, and to return home. They are a pair of magical princesses, with pijamas and braids, that play how to be mom. Between gym and homework, they are growing quickly, oh, oh, oh, I want to stop them. But one day they will leave home, and in their things they will take a part of my life that will never return. In the mean time I want to give them so many things, I want to give them love, so much attention, and teach them about their importance and their worth. I want to protect their heart.)

Needless to say, EVERYBODY was crying tears of joy!

The End.

It was a great day. Once again, God reminded me how much He loves me through all these women (and a few men). Once again, I am so head-over-heels grateful.
Thank you so much for looking through the pictures! My heart could just burst out of my body with gratefulness, as I type up this post.

With so much love to you,


  1. Lovely pictures! It sounds like you guys had an amazing time:)

    God bless you!

    1. Thank you, Faith (I just love your name)! Blessings to you as well!

  2. It looks like it was such fun! Your dad's song to you is SO beautiful.

    And your dress?? To die for! You look gorgeous!

    God bless! ♥

    1. Ah, I know, I was trying to hold the tears as he sang! ;-) thank you for your comment, Clare! God bless, you!

  3. The cakes look scrumptious! ;-) ~Rebekah



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