Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bridal Shower: DIY Centerpieces!

As some of you know, Greg and I are going to have a church wedding ceremony in about a month and a half. So, my mother decided to host a bridal shower for me in Mexico!

The bridal shower was "kitchen" themed. I had a lot (over 100) recipes given to me by so many women in our town. It was so neat to think that some were passing recipes that were in their families for generations!

Anywho, I'll tell you about the recipes later. Back to the matter of this post: Centerpieces!

My mother had some plants she had been growing since warmer days arrived back in March (ish). So, we decided to use these plants and make our own centerpieces, instead of spending money on more expensive ones.

My dad, the creative director in our family, did most of the work! I am so grateful.

Washing/Cleaning the plants. Making sure they were bug-free. :-)

We had a kind of fabric - jute - to go around the pot.
We needed sturdy fabric, just in case the plant "leaked". ;-)

Making sure they were aligned (he is very detail-oriented).

Then, we wrapped it around just like we wrap a gift! 
Here is my brother, in one of the girly aprons, helping my dad.

To hold the fabric together, we used different colors of tulle. 

Not quite done.
Now, that we had the bow, we had to cut the tulle, so it wouldn't be too long.

Then, we cut the top fabric going around the pot.

He folded some parts of the jute to make it look nicer - more centerpiece-lookin'.

Now that we were almost done, we glued a piece of paper, with the words "Mucha Suerte. Que tengas una buena tarde." ("Good luck. Have a great afternoon.") to a wooden stick, and placed it beside the plant. 

We had other kinds of plants, too!

Final product

I loved them so much, I'll definitely be making my own centerpieces for future parties!

Now go make yours!

PS. I'll share more pictures of the bridal shower on future posts. ;-)
PS. #2. I forgot to mention, as the party came to an end, we made a raffle between the women in each table, and we gave the winner the centerpiece!



  1. Cute! I love DIYs... less expensive, and lots of time lovelier. Not only that, but since you're doing it you get to make it fit your vision.

    God bless! ♥

    1. YES! We definitely saved a lot of money doing it ourselves. I was also able to spend a lovely time with my dad while doing these. Thank you so much for your comment, Clare!

  2. I love these. Such a beautiful and simple idea. I'm sure it saved a lot of money too.


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