Monday, July 8, 2013

Lay It Down

Everything I am
Everything I long to be
I lay it down at Your feet

(Lay It Down - M. Maher)

When I lack trust in You and Who You are, I lay it down
Fears, Lord, I lay it down
When anxiety kicks in, I lay it down
My marriage with Greg, I lay it down
My career as a nurse, I lay it down
Whether or not I move across the country, I lay it down
My family (and the fact that I don't want to move away from them), I lay them down
My happy comfortable life, I lay it down
Finances, I lay them down
Every idol in my life, I lay it down
Lack of self-control, I lay it down
Other thoughts and emotions, I lay them down
My past, I lay it down
My plans, I lay them down
The unknown future, Lord, I lay it down

The list could go on and on. 

Random picture I took in Jacmel, Haiti. Because, well, I miss it.
This Sunday, we sang Lay It Down at church. I had never heard it before. As I was praying/singing (is it even possible to do the two at the same time?) my heart started racing. I felt I was melting. I was brought to tears and to my knees.

So many changes are happening, so many emotions. I can just hear Him say, Gabby, are you willing to lay everything you are, everything you have, down at my feet?

Lord, I want to lay my whole self down at your feet. Complete, joyous surrender. Reckless abandon to You.

Has Jesus asked you to surrender something to Him, lately? 

__________, I lay it down. Fill in the blank.

Pressing forward, 

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