Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keith + Diana: Engagement Party

On June 30th, my sister's future mother-in-law hosted an engagement party for Keith and Diana (my sister), as well as for Keith's brother, Kyle, and his fiance, Linda! 

It was very nice to meet so many people that loved Keith's family and will love my sister. It was also extremely nice having our parents come to Minnesota! I've definitely missed them. And, as you might guess, I just love sharing these moments with my husband, Greg!

Everyone poured out so much love towards them! 

I'll let you see what I am talking about.

The Couples

The Party

With our parents
(this picture was before the party began, so we weren't quite ready, yet ;)

With Keith's mom
(I completely forgot to take one of the couple and his dad!)

And, of course, us two

Moving on to the party

These signs were outside the K's house


Lots of water, juice and pop, as they say up north ;)

Food and Decorations

They served a lot more food and we also had a lot of cake, but I don't want to make you hungry with so many food pictures!

On to Family & Friends

(random pictures)

My sweetheart. 

The future brides

Like us, all the way from Texas!

Keith's elementary teacher

Aren't these girls precious? 

The boys were "roaring" at the girls so they wouldn't get on the trampoline...

then, the girls "roared" back...

Eventually, the boys won at "roaring", scaring the girls, except the littlest one, Miss Madeline, who kept "roaring"!

The brave one!


My dad is so good at this game!

My parents are silly!

We also had fireworks at the end of the party

Is it possible to be overwhelmed by so much love?

It was such a fun time!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you. This is one of the reasons I blog, so I won't forget moments like these.

"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." Ephesians 5: 31

Ah! I am so excited.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating sweet love! And you and your sweetheart are adorable, Gabby! <3

    1. thank you, Sarah! :-) We did have a really fun time!

  2. Wonderful pictures Gabby, you did an awesome job. Thanks for coming and helping, we appreciate you,Greg and your families. We Love your sister she is a wonderful addition to our family. Keith and Diana are going to have a wondeful life! Two sisters and two friends will make many happy memories together! Love Lisa Miss Lisa to Greg!

    1. Thank you, Miss Lisa! haha. Greg laughs when I call "adults" by "Miss" or "Mr". Love you and your family.

  3. Best photographer, sister, best friend ever! I love you with all my heart darling!!!

    1. Yo te quiero mas! :-D I am so happy for you.


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