Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

A quick second post for today. :-)

I wanted to wish a happy birthday to one of my best and dearest friends, America!

I met her approximately 9 years ago (wow)!

One of our very first pictures together.

Our first year in college. She was a Public Relations major and I was a Nursing major.

We would always go to this restaurant. 


During college, she asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor/godmother. 
We also became roommates that year!
(Now she wants a gift for every holiday, etc.)

Visiting Miami, FL (where she now works)

At a recent gathering. 


     I love you so very much! I am so glad that, through the years, we have become more than just friends. You are my sister. Your family is like my family and my family is yours, too. You are one of the sweetest, humble girls I know.

     Remember how scared I was to go to college? You called me that first night and took me out to eat at Pot Belly. Remember all the times we shared clothes (and even dressed exactly alike one time!)? Remember when I used to drive you to work because there was no parking? :-) Remember we used to ride the bus together to your apartment? All those sleepovers? The late night studying at the PCL? When we took that class together (Oh, God...)? We would call each other when we where homesick. Being your roommate was one of my best college experiences! You screamed so loud when I told you I was engaged! Remember when...I could go on and on. Thank you for being there.

     May God continue to pour out His blessings over you....and may every day be better than yesterday (as Welo would say).

Gabby (tu madrina) ;-)

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