Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First July 4th.

Well, this post was meant to be posted twelve days ago. However, I still wanted to share with you bits and pieces of our first Fourth of July as husband and wife - well our first fourth together (as in the same place), actually! I was glad I could stay in Minnesota for this.

 Early in the afternoon, we went to Keith's house for a cook-out. Notice the engagement party decorations are still up! ;-)

So handsome. 

I didn't get the silly memo. 

A and R, Keith's niece and nephew. 

Gotcha sister! 

A and Mrs. Lisa.

Diana made delicious quesadillas with cheese brought from home (Mexico) by my mom!

Next, Greg and I headed to Harriet Island to watch fireworks!

We sat on a hill and I was wearing a skirt. My legs were so itchy due to the grass. Thank goodness there were almost no mosquitoes that night! 

I really need to figure out how to clearly capture fireworks...maybe next July 4th. 

It was a really fun time and I was grateful I could spend this holiday with Greg!

How is your week going? If there was one word that could decribe mine, it would be "limbo".

Much Love, 

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