Friday, June 28, 2013

Of Minnesota, rain, flowers and toddlers.

Hello, everyone!

This week, I am blessed to be posting from Minnesota! I came to spend some time with Greg and Greg's family (now mine, too). The weather has been quite bipolar and wonderful, compared to Texas heat!

I was quite excited.

What are your secrets to capturing rain? 

I was quite excited to hang out with cute toddlers, too. 

We've had some sunny days as well. Today, I went to my mother-in-law's flower garden to capture some pictures. I don't know most of the flowers' names, but when she arrives, I'll ask her!

Yesterday, I was playing outside with the girls (Greg's nieces), and we did some sidewalk art. 
One of our nieces, 3, called me "Auntie Gabby" for the first time (she had always called me just "Gabby"), it was quite cute. 

It was quite a challenge going around the garden, on wet soil and grass, in a long skirt!

The Barbie on the floor cracks me up!

This statue of the virgin Mary belonged to Greg's grandparents, who were very devout Catholics. When his grandfather passed away and his grandmother no longer lived at the house, Greg and his dad (I think) walked with this statue from his grandparent's house to his (around a block and a half!). 

This old chair (and ladder beside it) in a corner of the garden reminded me of The Secret Garden. 
One of the very first books I read! I know, random.

And then, it started to rain once again! 

Thankfully, I was under the porch when it started raining.

I love the wind, the rain and the smell of fresh-cut wet grass.

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be enjoying Minnesota and my family (including my sister, who is here, too) for a few more days (my parents are coming tomorrow!).



  1. Cool! I liked the pictures of the rain, especially the second to last one. Have fun in MN!

    1. Thank you, Lauralea! I am still trying to figure out how to capture it, haha. I am thinking I'll have a lot of opportunities here. ;-)


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