Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Greg's visit to Texas: Port A

These are the last few pictures of Greg's visit to Texas, I promise. :-) For the last few days, we took a road trip to the (closest) beach in Texas!

It was such a blessing spending time with Greg and knowing more and more about him every day!

It was such a beautiful morning. The sky was blue, the weather was not too hot, not too cold. Perfection.

I took this picture because of the older couple. It was so sweet. 

One of the secrets and beauty of Port A is that it doesn't have a lot of visitors, like some of the neighboring beaches!

I HAD to do the jumping picture. ;-)

My husband is so sweet. 

The following were taken by Greg (obviously). He loves taking pictures and I love that!

Is this considered fifty cents in sea money? 

Probably not the smartest thing to do at the beach. I also tried this and my knees hurt!

Complete sand dollar. 

We rented a golf cart that day and drove it around the small town and the beach (it is actually legal to drive them in town!).

Empty beach. Car. Shoes. Purse. Camera bag.

(My camera bag actually took this picture for us) 

That is all!

How is your Monday (well, Tuesday, since it's ten minutes past midnight)? Today is my Friday! I worked all weekend long. Today has been pretty quiet and I am grateful for some rest.



  1. It looks like you two had a blast! What a beautiful place that is... I love the look of water, beaches and sand...

    And I love your dress! Very cute!! :-)

    1. Oh, yes, the place was so pretty! And thank you, it is a dress I bought for the engagement party during the fall, but I guess I can still use it during spring/summer. ;-)


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