Thursday, May 30, 2013

What it means (to me) to be a Christian pediatric nurse.

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1) It means my job is my mission field. I get to be His hands and feet in this way.

2) It means I pray for the safety of my patients and sing worship songs on the car ride to and from work. I love "Live Like That" by Sidewalk Prophets. "...people pass, and even if they don't know my name, is there evidence that I've been changed? When they see me, do they see You?"

3) It means that when I have free time, I may stumble upon sweet conversations with co-workers, encouraging one another in Christ. In some conversations, I find out about someone who has different beliefs than I do. And it's ok.

4) It means that I am asked to sing "Jesus Loves Me" with that little patient who can't seem to fall asleep.

5) Sometimes, it means that parents ask me to pray with and/or for them.

6) It means that in the middle of a chaotic night, I get to rock that tiny baby to sleep, sing and pray for that baby, and tell him/her about the great plans our Savior has for them."You are fearfully and wonderfully made," I whisper.

7) It means that on the days I am frustrated or angry at a particular situation, I get to go to a quiet place (sometimes the only quiet place is the bathroom) and offer it up to God, for His glory.

8) It means encountering life, death, hope, discouragement, trust in God. Sometimes, all in one night.

9) It means that on good and bad days I have to ask myself, "What if I was taking care of Jesus tonight? What if one of these patients is Jesus Himself?" What would be my attitude? Would I be kind? Compassionate? Loving? Angry? Would I have a complaining spirit? Would I really care if He keeps calling me for a popsicle or an apple juice? (the last one would be pretty funny). It keeps me in check.

10) It means that I am doing the work of and following the One who loves the children and their parents way more than I could ever love them.

Heavenly Father, Thank You. Thank you for the opportunity of serving You, children and adults this way. I praise You. Be what radiates about me as I go to work. May my life and my work as a nurse always bring You glory.

"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" Matthew 19:14


Just a side note: Names of patients/healthcare workers, specific ages, specific gender, specific dates and/or specific details will never be included on my nursing blog posts to protect patient/health care worker privacy. :-) 


  1. I really like this:) God tells us to honor Him and all we do, its really cool to see someone who is striving to do that. Especially in that career where you encounter so many people each day who are dealing with so many different things. God is surely using you:)

    1. Thank you so much for your words, Faith! Yes He does tell us that. I think that should be our goal in EVERYTHING we do (even if it is a little difficult sometimes)! Thank you, again. ;-)

  2. Gaby que bonitos pensamientos y es muy cierto, siempre debemos de hacer todo teniendo a Jesus en mente, que Dios te siga llenando de bendiciones!!

    1. Maria jose!! Como estas? Hace muchisimo Que no te veo! Que gusto! Espero que estes bien, y mil gracias por tu comentario! :-)

  3. Loooooove. We should have some of those quiet time prayers together, methinks. You are beautiful. <3

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I am so glad and so blessed to have coworkers like you! And yes, we should...when and if we end up working together lol


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