Thursday, May 16, 2013


Last week, Greg and I went hiking!

As we were hiking, we came across this huge slanted rock that we had to climb to get to the other side.

As Greg bravely (and quickly) climbed the rock, I froze.

I must confess, I am not afraid of heights, but I am afraid of huge holes. Including those cracks in between big rocks, etc. I am especially afraid if I can't see the bottom! Is this weird?

Anyway, this angled rock had one of those! It was only about two to three feet away, but I was terrified. What if I slip and fall down that hole? Who is going to get me out? Greg is going to have to call for help. What if I break a leg or an arm? I was about to cry and began hyperventilating.

Greg tried his best to tranquilize me. He told me to grab his hand and assured me he would pull me over. I stood there for about five minutes until I decided to grab his hand and place one of my legs on the "other side". However, I let go of his hand and told him I would not cross. I had to cross, though. It would be more difficult and time consuming to turn back.

Minutes later, I found another way around the rock (which still required climbing/crossing) that wasn't very slanted, and Greg helped me cross with no difficulty. Once I felt safe, we continued through the trail.

This experience taught me two things:

1) Trusting in my husband. I did not trust him as he told me to grab his hand. I decided to go my way and then he could come and help me. I am all about safety, following the rules, and having it all under control, and this was not one of those situations. This experience, along with other experiences throughout his visit, taught me that Greg listens to me all the time and I need to start [fully] trusting my husband whenever I have, or don't have, it all under control. I think it is difficult for me to transition since I haven't depended on others (with a few exceptions) for years.

2) Don't we all have this same attitude towards God? When I see or am faced with an obstacle on my way and I can't see  how "deep" it is, I can quickly loose sight of how big and faithful God is. I start questioning Him and questioning myself. Even though he tells me "do not be afraid", "do not be terrified", "don't fear", "fear not", etc, over and over again. And even more amazing, when I disobey him and go "my way", God teaches me a lesson, but... He is still there. Holding my hand (sometimes carrying me), not letting go.

I think that God asks us to do difficult things and He places what may seem like obstacles in our way to build us (perhaps very cliché of me to say). But most importantly, to seek Him, acknowledge our dependence on Him and for Him to be glorified.

Does this make sense? I hope it encourages you.

Have an awesome week, almost weekend! I have one more night of six 12 hour night shifts (with a day off in between)! Pretty exhausting, but thankful! I really love what I do. Anyway, now I am just rambling, maybe I should
go to sleep (I just got home at 0730 am). :-) 

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  1. This is so good. Thanks for sharing this! I love it when God uses things in life to illustrate how He works. :-)

    God has been placing me in situations lately that press me into Him more. Areas that make me call on Him for guidance, wisdom and help... what a beautiful time it is. His love and patience is so amazing! :-)


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