Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring cook-out

A few days ago, Diana (my sister) and Keith (my sister's boyfriend) decided it was warm enough to cook lunch outside...and so we did!

Side note: Today has been pretty cold (at least for April in Texas). Lesson: Never trust Texas weather.

Preparing the hamburgers

My patient model. ;-) 

When we were younger, up to our teenage years, we would make this "sister pose"! I think we got it from the Olsen twins. We owned every movie since like the late 1990's. 

And, representing Minnesota...my key chain!

We had to do a mini photoshoot, of course. It was pretty sunny!

The water was freezing!

The end result: 

This week I started going over, again, a nine-lesson study my community group and I "studied" during the fall semester of 2011 called "The Gospel-Centered Life" by Bob Thune and Will Walker. Oh my word, it's so good.

Last but definitely not least, today marks the 1st month of being [legally] married to Greg! Time sure does fly! Marriage has been teaching me a few things... even though we [still] don't live together. For personal convictions (besides jobs and everything that comes from living in different states) we will move in together until October, but I'll save that for another post.

How is your week going so far? I hope you are have a lovely week!



  1. What fun!!! Loved these pictures! :D It looks just like summer. :) We still have snow here in MN, though it is supposed to get warmer this Sunday. Yay!!!

    1. haha Greg did tell me MN had a snow storm (or something of that matter) maybe a week(?) ago! It was pretty warm down here...until this week. It got really cold!

  2. Yes... we kept getting more and more snow! But it is beginning to melt. :-) My sisters and I just took a walk down our country road and it wasn't *too* cold. Yay!


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